ASDN Fire Alarms

Fire escape plan:

Go over all possible escape routes with your family such as doors and windows.


Every second counts, if you hear the alarm act immediately and stay low to the floor. If the door is closed feel the door for heat. If it's hot escape through the window. 


Decide in advance who will help the young and the elderly. 

Pick a safe meeting place outside and go there as soon as possible.

If you can't get out, wave something out the window for help. Do not hide!


Don't grab any personal items, immediately escape and call the fire department from a neighbours house. Remember every second counts. Do not re-enter the house. 


If a gas detector alarm sounds you should:


- Wake everyone in the house

- Check for symptoms of headaches or nausea

- Get everyone out of the house as soon as possible

- Decide in advance who will help the young and the elderly

- Meet at a safe meeting place outside

- Call gas company to check/repair leak

- Open window to clean air

- Check gas detector for proper operation

- Only re-enter the house when it`s safe